Why Everyone Should have a Metal Detecting Pinpointer

There are certain tools that anyone in the hobby of metal detecting should have and a pinpointer is one of them. We have discussed previously the need for a good metal detecting shovel. Now we will look at why you should have a metal detecting pinpointer in your arsenal before you set out on your detecting adventures.

The pinpointer is one of the greatest inventions in the metal detecting community. The invention of pinpointers have taken a lot of the guesswork out of locating a target in the plug. Something that was at one time, a long and tedious task at times.

I have to admit that I was not an early adopter of the pinpointer. The first round of pinpointers on the market were very expensive and that meant that they were out of reach for a good many people who metal detected. However, they have come down in price nicely over the years. So there is no reason why just about anyone could afford one.

Because I was not an early adopter, I spent a great deal of time trying to locate the target once the plug was out. This was especially true of the small pieces of metal that are common in the fields that I began hunting. So I went cheap and bought a knock off brand metal detecting pinpointer and soon realized that it was one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made.

That is why I decided to go with another pinpointer, a better brand. Luckily I had a friend that had one for sale that he had won. It was a very good turn of events for me. I was on a metal detecting hunt on Easter Sunday and had a target that I could not locate. Finally, using the pinpointer I was able to pull it out, my first Seated Half Dime.

When looking for the right metal detecting pinpointer you should do your research, just like you would with your metal detector. Most of the major metal detector brands offer a pinpointer as well. There are also some independent brands available. But take my advice, do not go with a knockoff brand, you will regret it. Happy Metal Detecting

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