What to Do With Metal Detecting Finds

There are many joys to be had when taking part in metal detecting as a hobby. The entire hobby offers so much for just about everyone. Of course, at the end of the day there is nothing like enjoying your metal detecting finds.

Of course one thing that many struggle with is what to do with those finds. There are those that come home from each and every trip with a whole pouch full of items that they have managed to liberate. That being said, you may have some decisions to make when it comes to keeping all of the various items that you have dug.

So lets look at the different types of metal detecting finds that you will come across in your time and what you can do with them.

First off is straight junk. Yes, you will dig junk and lots of it. That is all part of the game. For this I would suggest that you recycle anything that you can, which should be just about everything. Now, this is something that you can use to make some spare cash as well. Metals that are recycled have some value so save them up and turn them in when you have enough. You could make enough for an upgrade to your detector or an accessory.

Secondly is relics. This can mean just about anything, from buttons, to spurs and everything in between. Anything that you dig that another person, would have used in the old days. This is where things can get tricky. Due to the large amount of relics that you will dig, you may have to make some choices on what you keep and what you discard. This is a common problem with detectorists. They run out of room after keeping every single thing that they find. So be choosy about what you decide to keep and stick with it.

Finally, the top of the heap when it comes to metal detecting finds, coins. Most will find it difficult to part with a coin that they dug, unless it is a modern clad coin. Anything of age, especially silver, will be something that you will want to hold on to.

There are many fine products on the market for displaying the coins that you find. You will want to keep them safe and secure. This is especially true for those that have any real monetary value. Look for products that allow you to protect and display your finds at the same time. There are plenty to choose from.

All in all, metal detecting finds are the product of your hard work and research. Enjoy what you find and spread the joy. Happy Hunting!

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