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There are several reasons I use this site to research. One being to see how old the property is. Two, see if the person named on the plat map is the property owner let’s say back another 50 years or longer. (example; 1870’s plat map is the oldest you have. So, what if you could see that the person was actually the owner in 1830’s) Three, better your odds in finding War of 1812 or Civil War relics. Your thinking how is this going to help?

If you research to find the names of the survivors from these wars, you can enter their names in the BLM and find if they owned property. I personally have used this site to discover a War of 1812 survivor’s location. I found a list of 1812 survivor’s in my county. I entered their names and popped up the name of said person. I was able to see by the patient Image of when he purchased the land, for how much he paid for the land and the date of said person. I have a really good friend that stumbled upon a site that was finding some really great finds. This was an accidentally discovered site that he was just searching a high elevation in a field. He didn’t have any record of a dwelling on a plat map. The oldest map he had was 1860’s. We googled the name and had every name in the world came up in the search. I entered the name in this site. You guessed it, His named appeared. Gave me the date of when he purchased it. Then with this information I googled the name with a date of said property and proved that it was a trading post. So, you see with just a little help by just a date it helped to narrow and confirm what he had thought. Yes, we could have entered a date from the beginning, but we didn’t know of a date. I guess you have to think outside of the box or sometimes you can see the forest because of the trees. But the research to me is sometimes the best part of the hunt.

So, let me try and explain the site and get you through the steps.

1) Google, BLM GLO (you will see BLM GLO records home. From there choose search documents.

2) This step you can enter State and county for a quick search. But with this vague search you will pull up every person in your county that has that name. So if you have 10 townships you can spend a long time trying to figure out what is what,

At the bottom, you will see Land description. You can narrow it down if you know what section. Section is the same as the section on a plat map. To narrow it down even more you need to know the township and range number. To acquire this number, I use the site (acre value) there you can choose your county and state. Also, the site will give you the current landowner information. You have to sign up for this information. This site is easy to navigate around. Zoom in on the area you want to investigate and you will see some numbers (example; 19N 7E 7 ) Enter these numbers Township 19 -Range 7 – Section 7 in the land description.

Once you have State, County (maybe a name) township, range and section. You will have the known oldest document for that piece of land that I know to exist. If someone else knows anything else, please let me know.

Once you have entered search. The next page will list every owner in that section.

Find the name that you are inquiring about and click on the highlighted blue Accession number. But first let me explain some other details.

If you know what part of the section that you were interested in finding out about. The far right side of the page you will see a column called, “ Aliquots “ This will tell you what part of the section he owned. (section same as a plat map section of 640 acres ) so if the aliquots has NE1/4 that means he owned 160 acres in the North East section. The date shows the date which he acquired the property.

The next page you should see land description is at the bottom is a map of the US. At the top of that box you should see a little box at the top left that says MAP. Check mark that box It should take you to the township that you are looking for high lighted in orange and the section should be highlighted in a darker orange.

At the top you should see Patient Details. This information as you can see shows you total acres that the individual owned, Land office it was patented at, .I also seen several times if the person had any involvement in any land act. Which will be stated.

At the top of this page you will see a tab that says Patient Image. Click this tab and it will load a image of the original document that was filled out. This to me is amazing part of the site to actually see a document that was signed by the property owner. To me it makes you feel part of the history that you uncover, to feel connected that you might find something that was part of this person.

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