Interview With Gypsy Jewels

DDM: How long have you been metal detecting and what got you into it?  

My journey in metal detecting started a little over 22 years ago when I was visiting the gulf coast beaches and a couple was walking up from the beach with a metal detector in their hand. I spoke with them briefly and discovered that they had found many items on the beach that morning and I decided then and there I was purchasing a detector.  I purchased one a few weeks later and boom! The adventures began! 

I have to say that my love for searching for lost and found objects both new and old came about at a super early age when my father and grandfather would take me to the dump ground or on long adventurous walks in search of objects we might re-purpose or collect. 

DDM: How did you get into making videos?

I went through some health issues and lost my right kidney to cancer.  After my recovery, I decided that my family and my passion for the hobby of metal detecting were the two most important things in my life. So, I decided one way to share my love for the hobby and share my metal detecting adventures was by starting a YouTube channel and making videos.

DDM: I see you often dig old dumps also, what got you into that and what other treasures do you seek out? 

As I stated earlier, my father and grandfather used to take me to the dump ground when I was a kid. I can even remember going down the alleyways of our neighborhood with my dad and dumpster diving. I feel like their influence when I was younger greatly impacted me. Now I seek different items while digging in the old dumps such as old bottles, marbles, and buttons along with the types of items you find while metal detecting as well.  I’ve found coins, jewelry and other relics in dumps. 

DDM: Tell us about some of your more recent metal detecting adventures?  

I guess one of my most recent adventures was a trip I took to Mississippi with some of the Garrett Metal Detectors crew and Jase Robertson from the TV Show Duck Dynasty.  We got to metal detect in an area where over 10,000 Civil War soldiers had camped.  I found several CW bullets among some other relics that were related to some of the houses and other structures that once stood on the property.  I have a video available on my YouTube channel of this detecting adventure. 

DDM: Have you worked on any projects recently you would like to tell us about? 

One project I would like to mention is the TV show that recently aired that I am in one of the episodes.  Episode 4 of Gold Rush Freddy Dodge’s Mine

Rescue streaming now on the Discover+ channel. I hope you all get a chance to check out the episode. 

DDM: Do you have any future projects?

As for future projects I have been asked to maybe come back for the new season of Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue TV show. Possibly be featured in some more episodes.  Also, I’ve been asked to be a part of another new TV show.  They haven’t started filming for that one yet so, we shall see what happens with that.  


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