Garrett Metal Detectors and Modern Treasure Hunting

Ever since I discovered the hobby of metal detecting I had heard about Garrett Metal Detectors. In my young days, armed with a small detector and bundles of back issues of metal detecting magazines, I dreamed of finding a pile of valuable coins. I coveted the look of joy on the faces of the men who graced the covers of those magazines as they held up handfuls of silver dollars, all pulled from a single hole.

Of course that was many years ago, when the hobby was still a mere fraction of what it represents today. Nonetheless, Garrett metal detectors were right there in the mix. Their ads graced the pages and the subjects of the articles were singing their praises.

It was not again until well into adulthood that I had a reignited interest in metal detecting. Then came the choice on which metal detector I should start with. I was quite surprised to see how many choices I actually had. During those earlier days there were few that were making machines, just a handful really. By the time I had come back around there were far more and they had model after model that was supposed to revolutionize the industry.

For me, it was all about Garrett metal detectors. Finally, I was financially able to purchase one of the coveted machines. Still, there was a lot to learn. There had been dozens of models released since those early days. To be quite honest it was a daunting task. I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best value for my dollar and above all else, I wanted to be out there finding the good stuff.

Of course, I soon learned that it was as much about the site as it is about the detector. Still I made sure that my first purchase as an adult was one of the many Garrett metal detectors on the market. To be honest, I was not disappointed as they have solid quality metal detector that are able to stand up to the rigors of modern day treasure hunting.

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