Metal Detectorist, Cody Drake Interview

How did you get involved into metal detecting?

I became involved in Metal Detecting when I was eight years old and we had just moved to Arizona from Texas. My father became religiously involved with gold mining prospecting, metal detecting and since I was a daddy’s boy, I was along for the ride. It was a blast. 

What machines do you have in your arsenal?

In my arsenal of Metal Detectors, I have a Tesoro Lobo Supertraq, Minelab Equinox 800, Whites GoldMaster 24K, as well as a Whites GMX Sport. 

 What is your favorite historical time period?

My favorite historical time period is all periods of time, to be honest. But if I had to pick any specific period in time, it would be 1492-1821 when Spain was in the New World. 

 How did ” The Arizona Treasure Hunter ” Facebook page come to be, and did you ever think you would have close to 20,000 followers?

The Arizona Treasure Hunter Facebook page was started three years ago to be hand and hand with my Youtube channel. Still, it quickly formed a very large following of its own from sharing my many artifact and treasure finds. As well as the lost treasure stories I post every Friday morning. 

What is your favorite find to date?

My favorite find to date is my three Spanish Gold coins that I found in the same square foot. To this day they have been the only gold coins I have uncovered……So Far…..

 Do you have a bucket list and what is on the top of the list?

My bucket list consists of finding artifacts from all periods of human history and share them with the world.

Where is a destination that you would like to detect at?

Some of the destinations I would like to metal detect at are Spain, France, Ireland, England, Sweden, Norway, Mexico & Panama. 

Your treasure hunting includes more than metal detecting, What other activity’s does it include? 

Treasure Hunting for me consists of a lot more than just metal detecting. Magnet fishing, river hunting, relic hunting, snorkeling, free diving, Scuba, Gold Prospecting, hiking, wilderness survival skills, and practicing them regularly as well as countless hours of diligent research.

You do many seminars and give speeches on treasure hunting and even been on TV with Robb Riggle during an episode of  Global Investigator. How was that experience, and is that something that you would like to adventure more into?

The experience with filming and treasure hunting with Rob Riggle on the Discovery Tv show Global Investigator was an absolute BLAST! Rob is an amazing guy, and it’s absolutely impossible to keep a straight face around him because he is so funny. The film crew and production team were fantastic, and I think being on set and filming is so much fun to be a part of. You get to see that world in an entirely new light, and it’s exciting. Being on that show, I have filmed a Documentary about Jacob Waltz & the Lost Dutchman Mine, which will air on Amazon during the late summer/early fall of this year in 2020. Even a new television show about treasure hunting I will be working on in the next month or two, but it’s still in the beginning stages.

 You also do ” Ghost Town Tours Jerome Arizona ” as a tour guide and a live Facebook stream on Friday nights on the Their Facebook Page. Is there a paranormal activity that has happened to you that you could share?

Aside from working on a very large cattle ranch in Northern Arizona. I am a tour guide in Jerome, Arizona, at Ghost Town Tours, and we take our guests ghost hunting inside of several haunted locations with a lot of paranormal activity. Most of my personal paranormal encounters have occurred inside the basement of the old Jerome High School. Hearing footsteps walking up behind you, feeling all five fingers of someone’s hand grabbing your shoulder…then you turn around to find nobody with you. Even hearing your name being whispered coming from one of the dark bedrooms inside of the basement. It’s pretty creepy down there! 

What advice would you give to children that dream of being a treasure hunter? 

To all the children who have dreams of treasure hunting, I promise you will find gold. You will find silver, and you will find treasures & artifacts from all periods of time and history. The only key is you have to keep searching for them. Keep swinging that metal detector and keep looking for them and enjoy the adventure along the way.

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