Adam Sellers a Metal Detectorist on Wheels

Recently I was contacted through Facebook by someone who told me I need to take a look at Adam Sellers. I was told he was a detectorist in a wheelchair. Armed with such little information I reached out to Adam through Facebook messenger to see if I could talk to him over the phone.

Although very excited to talk to Adam and hear about his metal detecting adventures, I was also quite nervous. To be honest, I just wasn’t sure how to approach the subject of how he ended up in the wheelchair and questions like “how do you dig from the wheelchair?” I mean, I’ll be the first one to admit I’m socially awkward, and to add to it, I just wasn’t sure how to approach questions. I certainly wouldn’t want to offend or upset him!

Adam called me, and the nervousness quickly went away. I quickly found Adam to be a positive, upbeat guy who quickly said I could ask anything, all that being nervous for nothing. I listened as he passionately talked about metal detecting. He told me about finds, how he got into metal detecting, and I found it especially interesting how he does it since he’s Quadriplegic.

Twenty-one years ago, Adam had a bad accident that left him quadriplegic and in a wheelchair. He rolled his Bronco his senior year of High School. He hasn’t let it stop him, though, and just under two years ago, he took up metal detecting. Adam explained to me that although he has use of his arms, he is not able to use his hands. Instantly I started wondering, “how the heck does he metal detect?”

He swings his detector off the side of his wheelchair and pinpoints by using his arm strength to push the pinpoint button. Ok, I get that but then what? Adam and his family have thought of everything! Often times, his parents drop him off at a site, he has a lap full of towels and he will throw them down over the signal he wants them to dig when they get back. They will re-examine the hole to make sure he wants to dig it and then they will dig it.

Adam went on to talk about his finds, the research he’s done, and telling me story after story. I loved hearing the passion in his voice as he told me about all his finds, experiences he’s had metal detecting, research. It just poured out of him and I enjoyed every second of it.

Being that he’s in Iowa, I asked him if he has done field hunting. He paused a second and went on to tell me how his wheelchair does cause some restrictions like getting in field sites. I felt like I took the wind out of his sails a little bit, but he bounced right back and went on to tell me some of the research he’s done and how he hopes to get into some field sites. He thought he might be able to if the ground is smooth and dry.

Adam then excitedly broke into a story about how a few years back, a wheelchair company loaned him a wheelchair that had tracks on it to go hunting. He told me how he even went through a creek with it to get to the hunting spot!

A lightbulb instantly went off in my head. Dirt Digest Magazine needs to do everything we can to help him with a chair with tracks so he can enjoy metal detecting and more of the outdoors!

Wheelchairs with tracks are not cheap and unfortunately, Adam and his family can not afford it. Most people couldn’t at 12,679.00! I asked Adam what he thought about the team here at Dirt Digest Magazine helping him raise the money. I told him the people in this hobby are amazing and I feel like with a lot of hard work we could help him raise the money.     With a little hesitation, Adam agreed and the Dirt Digest team is reaching out to manufacturers, dealers, and anyone we know who might be able to help out! This is a cause we are going to work our tails off for until Adam has what he needs to fully enjoy this great hobby

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