Written by Veteran Treasure Hunters & Metal Detectorists


Beginner Metal Detecting Tips

Learning to Metal Detect – If it Beeps, Dig it

Step by slow step you cross the old yard.  Your eyes scan the ground.  Your ears are tuned to the slightest sound.  The machine you’re holding follows the motion of your arm—right, left, right, left.  Anticipation builds.  You know it’s only a matter of time.  BEEP!  The noise startles you even though you’ve been waiting…
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Buried Treasure – Where to Look

Buried treasure isn’t a pipe dream of treasure hunters. People bury things every day and forget about them or die. Here are some of the places to start looking. An example of buried treasure? As a young man I buried 100 ounces of silver under my parents house. There was a crawl space that could…
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Benjamin Competes in His First Treasure Hunt

When his metal detector sounded off, Benjamin quickly dropped to the ground, stuck his digging tool into the dirt, and popped out a Civil War musket ball. He took a second to hold it over his head to show to us nearby. Then, it went into the “finds” bag on his belt as he immediately…
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Hunting for Sunken Treasure

Real hunting for sunken treasure is not as fictional or fantastic as you might think.  There are many scuba centers and guided tours that allow a tourist to scour some of the best sites where treasure might be found.  And while many of these scuba centers are located in exotic places like off the coast…
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Scuba Metal Detecting

Treasure Hunter, Carlotta Brandenburg Interview

DDM – Before meeting Tim, did you have any interest in the metal detecting hobby? Carlotta – Yes, I started gold prospecting in my early thirties, long before I knew Tim existed.  I had gold fever.  There was a small gold prospecting club in Northern California that I joined, and I learned to pan and sluice and…
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Where to Learn: Metal Detecting Books

When you are just starting out in the hobby of metal detecting there is a lot to learn. There will be information flying at you from just about every direction and you will need to learn to filter it. That is why I always suggest that you start out your journey with some metal detecting…
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What to do with Metal Detecting Finds

There are many joys to be had when taking part in metal detecting as a hobby. The entire hobby offers so much for just about everyone. Of course, at the end of the day there is nothing like enjoying your metal detecting finds. Of course one thing that many struggle with is what to do…
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